Expo EmmaGenics

A fictitious biotech trade show, staged in a black box theater in Mainz, Germany. Expo EmmaGenics featured a range of seductive products and services to entice Europeans to take advantage of the advanced reproductive technologies (ARTs) being promoted by US corporations. Among the products brought “from the New World to the Old” were: Megabyte Tasties, Human Caviar, a Zygote Monitor and the Palm Pilot XY, all modeled on existing products critically detourned by subRosa. The interactive, theatrical event included the first performance of MarthaART (“you’ve seen Martha Rosler and Martha Stewart, now Martha brings you ART—it’s a good thing”), an entertaining demonstration of how eggs and sperm are harvested to make perfect babies. In cahoots with local students, subRosa also staged a picketing in front of the trade show by Biowitches Against Technological Reproduction (BATR), in order to present contestational feminist viewpoints.

  • Intermediale Festival: Art Happens!, Mainz, Germany, March, 2001.
  • Corporate Art Expo 07 [documentation & objects only], curated by Shane Montgomery at The Lab, San Francisco, March 30–April 28, 2007.

Expo EmmaGencis had its own web site and is documented subRosa’s Selected Works DVD.