Frequently Asked Questions:

Can subRosa come lecture at my school? Perform at my venue? How far in advance do I need to ask you for lectures/workshops/new shows/?

All inquiries welcome. Please allow as much advance notice as possible. subRosa especially enjoys creating new projects that are relevant to the particular place in which they are seen or performed. We will generally ask you to cover our expenses plus a negotiable honorarium. Speaking and performance fees from established institutions help us to fund the work we do for smaller venues or in countries where there is little arts funding available (including the U.S.).

How can I get copies of your publications/videos/slides, etc?

Please first see what is available on this site and our refugia web archive. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, let us know via email. A few of our publications are out of print, but well documented on this site and others (see projects and publications pages for links). We appreciate if you are able to defray the postage or duplications costs in any way. We encourage you to print out materials from the website and share and duplicate it to your heart’s content: however, please let us know you are doing so, and credit the work appropriately. We do ask that you seek our permission before altering the work or distributing it in any way that charges money for people to view it.

Can I interview subRosa?

subRosa rarely does e-mail interviews any longer, although we do occasionally agree to live or telephone/skype interviews if we feel the interviewer is familiar enough with our work to add insight for the viewer/reader through good journalism or art criticism. E-mail interviews are A LOT of work for us—work that we have often already done elsewhere. That said, we are always willing to entertain inquiries that do not rehash familiar territory and put the burden of typing/editing/proofreading on us . Well-researched interview questions do gain our respect and attention. If that is too much work for you, but you would still like to share our work with your readers, you are welcome to link to any of the existing material on our web site(s). We apply this Creative Commons license to most of it, please inquire if you would like different terms.

I want to know more about cyberfeminism & feminist art. Can you send me a bibliography?

We’re glad you’re interested. Most of subRosa’s publications contain useful bibliographies and footnotes. These are very easy to download and print at http://home.refugia.net. Due to the volume of student inquiries, we are usually unable to fill basic research requests unless they fall outside the scope of what is readily available on our web sites.

Where can I “donate” my eggs? How much are they worth?

We are a group of artists interested in the difficult and controversial issues raised by the new biotechnologies… but not an Invitro fertilization lab or egg bank. If you are seriously looking into egg donation, please become fully informed of the possibly very serious, side effects of the intensive hormone treatments associated with it, as well as the critical social and political issues these technologies raise.

Is subRosa anti-IVF or anti-GMO?

Individuals working with subRosa have a variety of personal opinions about these biotechnologies. We do share a strong belief that there should be a vigorous and ongoing public discourse about the economic, social, cultural and biological implications of biotechnologies, and their lived effects, especially on the lives of women internationally.

Where is subRosa located?

subRosa originated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Collective members currently live in Pittsburgh and Providence, USA.

How can I reach you?

E-mail is best. We usually answer within a few days, unless we are traveling.

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