Epidermic! DIY Cell Lab

Visitors were able to view examples from a classic experiment in recombinant DNA bacteria; learn to streak petri dishes; practice basic vocabulary around adult and embryonic stem cell cloning; see yogurt-making as an example of kitchen-based cell culturing; and create “recombinant” paper collages from historic and contemporary scientific and alchemical imagery. Thus, visitors were exposed to different ways in which science is represented to the public, and got a taste of public knowledge production in action! The project’s goal was to familiarize visitors with the general processes and concepts of the recombinant stem cell biotechnology that underlies genetic engineering.

  • YOUGenics3, curated by Ryan Griffis, Betty Rymer Gallery, Art Institute of Chicago, February 18, 2005, with Elena Jovanova and Liz Rosenfeld.
  • Soft Power. Art and Technologies in the Biopolitical Age, curated by Maria Ptqk, Amarika Project at Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. October 30, 2009.

This performance has been seen with our Cell Track installation in the background.